Wine Bottle Succulent Garden

Wine Bottle Succulent Garden

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The scoop on Wine Bottle Succulent Garden

After a nice dinner with friends, there are often empty wine bottles left over. Ever wonder where they end up? Some are gathered by our Southern California grower buddy and upcycled into innovative succulent gardens. Right-sized for windowsills and easy enough for novices, these fun creations sport an assortment of 2-3”succulents.

Why Grow a Wine Bottle Succulent Garden?

  • Unusual and fun
  • Easy care; low water needs
  • Decorative addition for office and home windowsills

Bright light – full sun where possible – keeps your succulent garden compact and colorful. Water sparingly, remember these are desert plants and they keep a stash of H2O in their pudgy leaves. Note: succulent varieties vary by bottle garden. Each garden includes several different cultivars for form and color diversity.

Botanical Name: Echeveria, Crassula, Sedum and/or others
Common Name: Succulents; various
Growing Zones: Indoor garden
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun
Flower Color: Grown for foliage
Height: Plants are 2-3" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Bottles are 11-13" long
Season: Year round
Pkg. Count: 1 wine bottle garden