Why Paperwhite Bulb Size Matters

Paperwhite Bulb Size Does Matter!

Flower bulb size has everything to do with blooms: how many, how robust and how beautiful. This is a clear case where more is more. And better.

Paperwhite bulbs are sold in many different sizes. To get stellar displays, and your money’s worth, it’s smart to search out the biggest bulbs you can find. Plump, oversized bulbse have more stored energy to draw upon to produce flowers.

We took this photo to help folks make sense of circumference measurements that are used in the trade but aren’t all that helpful for shoppers. Our specialty paperwhite grower sets aside his biggest and best paperwhites for our customers; 17+cm and 19+cm.

Here’s how they stack up.

Paperwhite flower bulb sizes image

11/12 cm Smalls: Generally the littlest size sold, what’s commonly found at big box stores and guaranteed to disappoint.

12.6 cm Ping pong ball, regulation size

14/15cm Midsize: These are sometimes used for forcing indoors but typically fail to impress. We recommend this size for planting in gardens in warm climates but not for potted displays.

17+ cm Bigs: These robust beauties are great for indoor forcing and considered “top size” by many. These are smallest size we offer for indoor use.

19+ cm Giants: Only a tiny percentage of the growers’ bulbs get this large. They're the premium choice for indoor forcing. Snag them if you can find them.

21 cm Tennis ball, regulation size

Paperwhites are typically grown for a single season. Make the show spectacular!

Shop our big, beautiful paperwhite bulbs here Paperwhite Bulbs and get the good ones.