Tulip Rem's Favorite / Zurel

Tulip Rem's Favorite / Zurel

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The scoop on Tulip Rem's Favorite / Zurel

Rem's Favorite is a top-of-the-list tulip for many, with spectacular white bowl shaped blooms heavily splashed with wine flames. This tulip blooms in mid to late spring with long lasting flowers that are strong enough to withstand spring's unpredictable weather. Partner with white grape hyacinths and/or plant with white edged hostas such as Patriot.

Why Grow Classic Tulips?

  • This group of carefully selected tulips that deliver strong plants, beautiful blooms and sturdy stems
  • There are no fresher tulips than those from your own garden - plant generously
  • These perennial tulips bloom mid to late in the tulip season, in April in much of the country
  • Seek out a spot to plant tulips where early or late day sunshine glows through the petals - magical!
Botanical Name: Tulipa Rem's Favorite, syn. Tulipa Zurel
Common Name: Tulip Rem's Favorite/Zurel
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Full sun to 3/4 day sun
Flower Color: White goblet blooms with heavy plum markings
Height: 14-16" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 12+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Mid spring
Pkg. Count: 10 bulbs