Tulip Carnival De Nice

Tulip Carnival De Nice

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The scoop on Tulip Carnival De Nice

Some tulips are slender and upright, unfolding from teardrop shaped buds. Not Carnival de Nice. This peony flowering tulip could hardly get fuller. It's overlapping petals, each with a red stripe up the center, create blossoms that are often wider than they are tall. These huge blooms are even lightly fragrant. Delightfully over the top in every way.

Why Grow Double and Parrot Tulips?

  • Fully double or peony form tulip flowers and parrot blooms with wild colors and fanciful shapes; these tulips get noticed
  • Plant in groups of 6 or more (we ship by the dozen) for strong visual impact
  • Plant these jazzy hybrid tulips where their form and complex colors can be appreciated up close

Double tulips produce large flowers with lots of petals; these can sometimes catch and hold spring rain. Consider planting these tulips where wind can't get to the head-heavy flowers.

Botanical Name: Tulipa Carnival De Nice
Common Name: Tulip Carnival De Nice
Growing Zones: Zones 3-7
Sun/Shade: Full sun to 3/4 day sun
Flowers: Lightly fragrant
Flower Color: Double white with deep red
Height: 20" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 12+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Mid spring
Pkg. Count: 12 bulbs