Tuberose Single White Trio

Tuberose Single White Trio

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The scoop on Tuberose Single White Trio

Flowering a bit earlier than the double form, with top of the stalk florettes that open more dependably, thes single flower form Mexican tuberose is a favorite of flower arrangers.

Why Grow Tuberose?

  • Used for centuries in perfumes and scented oils
  • Easy to grow in full sun settings
  • Lovely, long lasting cut flowers
Our southern U.S. grower ships us tuberose clumps, rather than the usual individual bulbs. The clumps are harvested and washed, but not divided. Tuberose clumps produce multiple sprouts and flowering stems, translating into larger plants, extra flowers and more killer fragrance wafting over the patio as you enjoy dinner.
Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa
Common Name: Single tuberose, Mexican tuberose
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere in containers and perennial in zones 9-11
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flower Color: Stalks of tubular white flowers
Height: 20-28"
Plant/Bulb Size: Multibulb clumps
Bloom Timing: Mid to late summer
Pkg. Count: 3 multi bulb clumps