Trumpet Lily Regale | Regal Lily

Trumpet Lily Regale | Regal Lily

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The scoop on Trumpet Lily Regale | Regal Lily

This lily is right at home in any garden; white reflexed petals enclose golden throats and are decorated with raspberry striped exteriors. Beautiful and easy to mix with pinks and purples or golds and yellows.

Why Grow Trumpet Lilies?

  • Lily Regale produces astounding clusters of up to 20 six inch blooms on 4-6 foot stalks
  • Regale blooms mid to late summer with an intoxicating sweet fragrance, enjoyable even on a still evening
  • Lilies are outstanding fresh cut flowers and a single stem of Regale creates a spectacular, long lasting display

Trumpet lilies are tough, easy to grow and not fussy about soil. Regale is native to southwestern China and was introduced into England in 1903 by the famous plantsman and explorer E. H. Wilson.

Botanical Name: Lilium Regale
Common Name: Regal lily, King's lily, royal lily
Growing Zones: Zones 4-8
Sun/Shade: Sun, 3/4 day sun
Flower Color: White blooms with gold and wine
Height: 48-72"
Plant/Bulb Size: 20-28+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Mid summer
Pkg. Count: 3 exhibition size bulbs