Potato All Blue

Potato All Blue

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The scoop on Potato All Blue

You may have heard that colorful fruits and vegetables tend to have more vitamins, antioxidants and other good stuff than do their paler kin. It's true with potatoes. All Blue is excellent steamed, mashed, microwaved and roasted. Love blue potato chips? They're likely made with this heirloom variety. Grab a mandoline, box grater or sharp knife and make your own! All Blue potatoes are smooth, blue throughout and are long keepers.

Why Choose Drop & Grow Potatoes?

  • For the rich, freshly harvested flavor!
  • Grow varieties that aren't available at the market
  • Save time and energy - skip the cut, dust with fungicide and wait for the cut surfaces to dry steps. Just Drop & Grow these right-size seed potatoes
  • Host a fall potato tasting party in your backyard with homegrown potatoes, herb butters, garlic drizzles and tangy sour cream
  • How fun would it be to serve purple mashed potatoes?

Healthful? You bet. But don't take our word for it: Nutritional Benefits of Blue and Purple Potatoes

Potatoes can be grown in the garden, in tubs, half whiskey barrels and other large containers - use your imagination!

Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum
Common Name: Potato All Blue
Growing Zones: Grown as annuals, no overwintering
Sun/Shade: Best in full sun
Flower Color: Savored for tasty tubers, not flowers
Height: Grows 2-3 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Ready to plant seed potatoes, bag weight is 1.25-1.5 lb
Bloom Timing: Harvest in fall
Pkg. Count: 10 Drop & Grow seed potatoes