Climbing Onion /Sea Onion

Climbing Onion /Sea Onion

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The scoop on Climbing Onion /Sea Onion

The first time you see a climbing onion is likely to be in a botanic garden. They're hard to find elsewhere and virtually unavailable in garden centers. These odd succulents are native to South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zambabwe where it's hot, the soil is lean and moisture is very limited. And they like those conditions! To conserve moisture this plant produces no leaves just a cascading or climbing (if provided with support) network of slender branched stems. Under ideal conditions, the branches can reach more than ten feet long. Ready to try something really different?

Why Grow A Climbing Onion Plant?

  • Unusual, hard to find succulent
  • Grow this South African oddity on your windowsill
  • Tiny starry blooms are produced on the branch tips
  • Don't let the onion name fool you - this plant is a member of the hyacinth family. Not edible.

Note: Plant is posionous when ingested. Don't let pets or children nibble this.

Botanical Name: Bowiea volubilis
Common Name: Climbing onion, Sea onion, Climbing potato, Zulu potato
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, zones 10-11outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun/part shade
Flowers: Tiny stars
Flower Color: Pale green to ivory
Height: 3-12 ft tall & 1-2 ft wide
Plant/Bulb Size: one bulb
Season: Spring through fall
Bloom Timing: Varies
Pkg. Count: one bulb