Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty

Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty

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The scoop on Scilla Siberica Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty earns its name with little blue bell-shaped blooms that close to blue ovals on cloudy days and flare open on bright, sunny days. True blue, sweet, easy and inexpensive. Only available in fall.

Why Grow Siberian Squill?

  • Spring Beaury is the larger and longer flowering version of the heirloom Siberian squill flowers that have been grown since the late 1700s
  • Stunning combined with yellow daffodils (classic French look) or white daffodils (crisp, modern look)
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents find Siberian squill distasteful
  • The intense blue shade of these flowers carries well; extremely effective in mass plantings
  • Siberian squill are tough, super cold hardy plants and excellent naturalizers
  • Each squill bulb produces 3 to 4 flower stems

These bulbs will grow in the soil under black walnut trees where toxic chemicals from the tree kill many plants. Plant Spring Beauty this fall and delight in the low/no maintence needs of these happy-to-naturalize-and-spread landscape gems.

Botanical Name: Scilla Siberica
Common Name: Spring Beauty Siberian Squill
Growing Zones: Zones 2-10
Sun/Shade: Full to partial sun
Flower Color: Blue flowers with a hint of violet
Height: 4-6" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 8/9 cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Early spring
Pkg. Count: 25 robust bulbs