Allium Schubertii / Sparkler

Allium Schubertii / Sparkler

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The scoop on Allium Schubertii / Sparkler

Gigantic flowers with loosely arranged florets give these eye-popping spheres a delicate look, despite their basketball size. Stunning sited against a light colored wall or fence, to highlight the flower form. Blooms dry easily and can be picked and brought inside; place on shelves, in a slender vase or hang from a light fixture. Let your imagination go!

Why Grow Alliums?

  • Alliums bloom with bright, lollipop-like purple, cranberry and white multi-floret balls on tall stalks
  • Ornamental onions bloom in mid spring, following the crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils
  • Create an easy, happy flower arrangement by cutting different types of flowering onions and slipping into a tall vase
  • Deer and rabbits aren't fond of alliums

Support those hard working pollinators! Alliums are top-of-the-list favorites with honey bees and butterflies.

This is a Leafari staff tested and recommended variety.

Botanical Name: Allium schubertii
Common Name: Sparkler onion, tumbleweed onion
Growing Zones: Zones 5-8
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: Flowers are huge, airy and rose purple
Height: 14-24" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 12/14 cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Spring
Pkg. Count: 3 bulbs