Scented Paperwhites in a Cranberry Long Pot

Scented Paperwhites in a Cranberry Long Pot

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The scoop on Scented Paperwhites in a Cranberry Long Pot

Paperwhites have long been looked to for cheering winter months with fresh flowers and fragrance. To up the ante a bit, we've taken these big, beautiful 17+cm bulbs, snugged 5 of them into a sized-for-narrow-windowsills planter and added finishing touches like natural moss and care instructions. Easy to send, easy to enjoy. Delightfully fragrant brighteners for indoor spaces - yours or your friends'.

Why Grow Windowsill Paperwhites?

  • Fresh flowers in winter
  • Fragrant blooms borne in clusters
  • Big bulbs - 17+cm size bulbs for more flowers
  • Easy to grow on a sunny windowsill
  • Good for beginners

These oversized paperwhite bulbs are delivered in a high quality, 10" waterproof windowsill pot in festive red resin. To finish the presentation, the soil is dressed with natural moss and sent with simple care instructions (pretty much "Add water and sunshine.") Enjoy!

Botanical Name: Narcissus paperwhite Nir
Common Name: Paperwhite narcissus
Growing Zones: Indoor plants
Sun/Shade: Sunny windowsill
Flowers: White, fragrant flowers
Flower Color: Sparkling white
Height: 12-14"
Plant/Bulb Size: Waterproof 10" windowsill pot with 5 big 17+cm bulbs
Season: Blooms in 4-5 weeks