Amaryllis Blossom Peacock

Amaryllis Blossom Peacock

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The scoop on Amaryllis Blossom Peacock

The petals on amaryllis Blossom Peacock appear to have been dipped, one at a time in rosy red Easter egg dye and then reassembled to create a double flower form. The dye drips off the center rib leaving a white streak that extends out to the petal's pointed tip. Fascinating. Oh, and this amaryllis is one of the few that's fragrant.

Why Grow Amaryllis?

  • Amaryllis flowers are showy; bringing over-the-top color to holiday decorating and winter windowsills
  • Hybrid amaryllis offer choices in red, pink, orange, cranberry, bi-colors and more
  • See our growing instructions (link at right) for super easy blooms, even for beginners
  • Flowering amaryllis are thoughtful, engaging holiday gifts
  • For those in warmer climates, amaryllis are also outstanding in flowerbeds where they develop into giant showy clumps and bloom with vigor in the spring

Tip: all amaryllis bulbs are not the same. Larger bulbs produce more flower stalks and more blooms per stalk. Get big, healthy, carefully held bulbs - optimum temperature, humidity and light conditions - here and enjoy truly stunning flowering amaryllis. (Note: different varieties mature to different bulb sizes. All the bulbs here are large to very large for the individual cultivar.)

Botanical Name: Hippeastrum Blossom Peacock
Common Name: Amaryllis Blossom Peacock
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, Zones 8-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full sun outdoors or in a sunny window
Flowers: Fragrant (unusual in amaryllis). Typically flowers in 4 to 6 weeks indoors and in spring outdoors.
Flower Color: Double white flowers with rosy red tips
Height: Grows 18-22"
Plant/Bulb Size: 24/26 cm in circumference
Pkg. Count: 1 large bulb