Rain Lily Raspberry Smoothie Mix

Rain Lily Raspberry Smoothie Mix

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The scoop on Rain Lily Raspberry Smoothie Mix

A well-balanced mix of white and two varieties of pink rain lilies, this bag of bulbs will get your ready-to-naturalize patch started. Five years from now, as you gaze with satisfaction at the polka dot sweep of flowers that just appear after the late summer rain, well, you'll feel brilliant. Don't want to miss the opportunity to demonstrate your brilliance, do you?

Why Grow Rain Lilies?

  • Delightful and rock-tough flowers for warm region gardens
  • A swirl of pink and white in late August/early September
  • Naturalize and spread to create larger display each season.
  • This lovely blend of white Candida and pink Robusta and Rosea is only found here.
Rain lilies or Zephyr lilies originated in Argentina, Brazil and other parts of South America. Their carefree demeanor has allowed them to naturalize in parts of Asia, South Africa, Queensland and the Mariana Islands.
Botanical Name: Zephyranthes mix
Common Name: Rain lily, fairy lily, zephyr lily
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 8-11
Sun/Shade: Sun to mostly sun
Flower Color: Six petal pink and white flowers
Height: 4-6" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 6+cm; largest commercially available
Bloom Timing: Blooms with late summer rains
Pkg. Count: 15 fresh bulbs