Pomegranate Parfianca

Pomegranate Parfianca

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The scoop on Pomegranate Parfianca

Savoring luscious, bright red pomegranates picked from your own yard? Yes, it’s possible. This sturdy little bush produces fruits starting at a young age, often as young as 2 or 3 years old. (Shipped plant is 15-18 months old.)

Why Grow a Parfianca Pomegranate?

  • This is a self-pollinating variety; a single plant is all that’s needed for fruit production.
  • Taste tests rate the sweet-tart fruit of Parfianca among the most delicious. Seeds in this variety are smaller and softer than those in Wonderful and other cultivars.
  • Ripening in mid fall, fruits are ready to eat when they produce a metallic sound when tapped.
  • This variety is winter hardy in zones 7-9.
  • Parfiancas are natural dwarfs and mature to 10 feet tall; they can be kept to 6-7 feet with pruning.

Cultivated for centuries across the entire Mediterranean region, long-lived pomegranate trees are woven throughout ancient history. Make a little history of your own with a flowering and fruiting pomegranate! Excellent landscape candidates for full sun locations, these bushes love cool winters and hot summers, soils that drains well and lower humidity regions.

Botanical Name: Punica granatum Parfianca
Common Name: Parfinca or Parfianka Pomegranate
Growing Zones: Hardy in zones 8-11
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flowers: Late spring
Flower Color: Deep red
Height: Matures to 12-14 foot bush
Plant/Bulb Size: 15-20" plants in 2 gallon pot
Bloom Timing: Late spring to early summer
Pkg. Count: 1 plant