Peruvian Daffodil / Ismene

Peruvian Daffodil / Ismene

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The scoop on Peruvian Daffodil / Ismene

Also known as a basket lily or fragrant spider lily, this showy scented white bloomer is commonly referred to as a Peruvian daffodil because it hails from South America and resembles the familiar daffodil corona (tubular) flower form.

Why Grow Peruvian Daffodils?

  • Enjoy fun, unusual, fanciful blooms in summer gardens and containers.
  • Ismene plants thrive in pots and can be overwintered in a cool, dry area like an unheated garage
  • Expect white blooms in mid-summer with a marvelous rich scent
  • Not on the favorite foods lists for deer and rabbits
These plants are a garden hybrid of a variety native to the Central Andes of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Hard to find, fun to grow.
Botanical Name: Hymenocallis x festalis, Ismene x festalis
Common Name: Peruvian daffodil, basket lily, summer daffodil
Growing Zones: Can be grow in a container, perennial in zones 8-10
Sun/Shade: Full sun to partial shade
Flower Color: White fragrant flowers
Height: 24-30"
Plant/Bulb Size: 16/18+ cm
Bloom Timing: July to August
Pkg. Count: 3 bulbs