Peony Semi-Southern Belles Collection

Peony Semi-Southern Belles Collection

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The scoop on Peony Semi-Southern Belles Collection

Peonies love cold winters and most need 500-1000 days of 35-40 degree temperatures to grow and flower well. That said, there are a few varieties that perform well in warmer regions. These peonies tend to flower early, before spring weather really heats upBig fans of scent, as well as beauty, we're more that a little partial to fragrant peony cultivars. This trio smells wonderful and provide a white, a pink and a deep rosy red to brighten sunny spots through out your garden. All three are also, excellent for cutting. This collection includes 1 plant each of Duchess de Nemours, Sarah Bernhardt and Big Ben.

Why Grow Peonies?

  • Peonies are often referred to as Queen of the Flowers because of their lush beauty and rich fragrance
  • An individual peony plant can live more than 50 years - talk about a modest investment returning long term benefits!
  • Once settled in, peonies require very little care, they almost care for themselves
  • Peonies produce outstanding cut flowers
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents tend to ignore peonies

These three fragrant heirloom peonies are shipped individually bagged and labeled so you may site them as you choose. Stock of trios is limited, well priced and typically sells out fast.

And be sure to check out 3 Things to Know Before Buying Peonies before making your final selections.

Botanical Name: Paeonia lactiflora Big Ben, P. lactiflora Festiva Maxima and P. lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt
Common Name: Peonies Festiva Maxima, Sarah Bernhardt and Big Ben
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Sun
Height: 34-46" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 3-5 eye bareroot plants, individually bagged and labeled
Bloom Timing: Late spring to early summer
Pkg. Count: 3 healthy bare root plants