Peonies: Singles and Doubles (the case for growing both)

Peony Flowers: Why We Love Modern Singles

One of our gardening buddies is a huge fan of single form peony flowers and makes the case that homeowners are missing out on magnificent blooms and outstanding plants by not including them.

Here’s her reasoning:

  • Single flower form peonies would be sought-after beauties if they weren’t always being compared with their better known, flashy sisters. Single blooms are huge, with silky petals, in shades from pastel to bold. The center of each flower has a pronounced puff of stamen in gold, pink or a blend of the two shades. Gorgeous!
  • For those who live where spring rains and heavy, wet snow are common, single peonies are much less likely to catch and hold all that water. Less captured water translates to less weight and fewer broken stems. Garden beds look better, longer because the flowers stay upright on the peony bushes.
  • Many varieties are fragrant. And those that aren’t, are still stunning. (We love dahlias for their looks, not their scent, right?)
  • Peony plants are super long lived and can light up a spring garden with blooms for 50+ years. At about $20 per plant, that works out to $ .40 per bush per year. Talk about a bargain!
  • The fall foliage for many peonies, singles and doubles, turns coppery or burgundy as the weather cools. These colorful leafy stems are great for filling out fall arrangements.

Okay, so what’s your reason for excluding these exotic lovelies from your garden?