Peacock Gift Plant in a Green Cachepot

Peacock Gift Plant in a Green Cachepot

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The scoop on Peacock Gift Plant in a Green Cachepot

The first time we saw this plant we wondered if it was artificial. The long slender leaves display a deep green pattern that looks like a painted on branch with carefully defined leaves. And the underside of each leaf is a matte, almost fuzzy, cranberry plum shade. The perfect color combination for the holidays and beyond. And even with these looks, the Peacock plant is no diva. On the contrary. Easy care and long lived.

Why Give a Peacock Plant?

  • Bright windowsill color
  • Intricate painted-on-a-leaf patterns
  • Low maintenance, not fussy
  • Easy to grow in indirect light; no direct sun needed (or wanted)
  • Good for beginners

Peacock plants are sent in a high quality 7" green resin, waterproof cachepot. To complete the gift, the soil is top dressed with natural moss, and the presentation is accented with a gold sparkle bow. Sent with care instructions. Peacock plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Botanical Name: Calathea Lancifolia, syn. Calthea insignis
Common Name: Peacock plant, Rattlesnake plant
Growing Zones: Indoor plant
Sun/Shade: Bright indirect light
Flower Color: Green patterened leaves, cranberry undersides
Height: 15-18" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 1 gallon potted plant
Season: year round