Paperwhite Ziva - Garden Bulbs

Paperwhite Ziva - Garden Bulbs

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The scoop on Paperwhite Ziva - Garden Bulbs

Mention the word "paperwhites" and most people think of Zivas. These are the classics and the most widely grown. For those who live in warm regions, these are wonderful garden bulbs, blooming in the spring with the same sparkling white flowers and rich scent as the familiar bulbs forced indoors.

Why Grow Paperwhites?

  • Enjoy fresh, snowy white flowers during winter
  • Bulbs need no chilling or special conditions
  • Savor perfumed garden beds in warm climates
  • Fragrant and fresh
These bulbs are a bit smaller than the ones typically used for forcing, making them both ideal for garden use and well priced for mass plantings.
Botanical Name: Narcissus Ziva
Common Name: Ziva paperwhites
Growing Zones: Anywhere indoors, zones 9-10 outdoors
Sun/Shade: Full to 3/4 day sun
Flowers: Fragrant blooms
Flower Color: Sparkling white
Height: 15-17" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 13/14+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: 4-6 weeks from planting
Pkg. Count: 50 ready to plant bulbs