Paperwhite Bigs in a Woodland Box

Paperwhite Bigs in a Woodland Box

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The scoop on Paperwhite Bigs in a Woodland Box

Who doesn't love fresh flowers, especially in the winter? Carefree paperwhites deliver with just a little sunshine and water, and add the joy of fragrance. Here's a trio of the big, robust paperwhites (big bulbs = more flowers), potted up in our custom soil mix, and top dressed with natural moss. 

Easy to send, easy to enjoy for weeks. Super easy "Happy Holiday!" gift.

Why Grow Windowsill Paperwhites?

  • Fresh flowers in winter
  • Fragrant blooms borne in clusters
  • Big bulbs (3) - 17+cm size, oversized, for more flowers
  • Easy to grow on a sunny windowsill

These oversized paperwhite bulbs are delivered in a waterproof 5" woodland box, topdressed with natural moss and sent with simple care instructions (pretty much "Add water and sunshine.") 

Botanical Name: Narcissus paperwhite Nir
Common Name: Paperwhite narcissus
Sun/Shade: Sunny windowsill
Flowers: Flurry of white, fragrant flowers
Flower Color: Sparkling white
Height: 12-14"
Plant/Bulb Size: Huge 19cm bulbs
Season: Grows fast, blooms in 4-5 weeks
Pkg. Count: potted bulb trio