Oxalis Inops/Depressa

Oxalis Inops/Depressa

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The scoop on Oxalis Inops/Depressa

Most oxalis are tender little darlings, relied on for annual interest or for growing indoors. Inops in hard to zone 5 and equally happy in toasty zone 9, making it a wonderful addition to mixed planters, for use along walkways and as a bright ground cover. A gently spreading oxalis, this is not a garden thug, but can be managed easily and allowed to fill in here and there. 

Why Grow Oxalis / Shamrocks?

  • Oxalis are some of the fastest, easiest plants to grow
  • Fun, flirty foliage looks great all season long
  • Oxalis are first rate weavers, filling out mixed planters and adding outstanding foliage color and patterns
  • Rumor has it these plants are lucky . . . who couldn't use a bit more luck?

While the name might lead you elsewhere, don't confuse these with the common wood sorrel that can be invasive in many regions. In Europe, wood sorrel is oxalis acetosella. In the U.S. common wood sorrel is Oxalis montana. Neither have the silvery leaves of this plant.

Botanical Name: Oxalis Inops syn. Oxalis depressa
Common Name: Inops
Growing Zones: Zones 5-9
Sun/Shade: Full sun, 3/4 day sun
Flowers: Late spring through fall
Flower Color: Pink
Plant/Bulb Size: 4/5 cm
Bloom Timing: Flowers 8-10 weeks from planting
Pkg. Count: 15 ready to grow bulbs