Oxalis Iron Cross

Oxalis Iron Cross

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The scoop on Oxalis Iron Cross

This four-leaf clover relative looks like an oversized version of the lucky type you might find on the edge of your lawn except that each leaf is marked with a deep purple splotch. Cluster the four leaves per stem together and the splotches form a colorful circle. Iron Cross is proof positive that plants with non-stop jazzy foliage can rival those with the occasional bright flower. Easy, dramatic and infinitely mixable.

Why Grow Oxalis/Shamrocks?

  • Oxalis are some of the easiest plants to grow
  • Fabulous foliage looks great all season long
  • Iron Cross oxalis have long slender stems that are excellent when allowed to weave through other plants in mixed pots
  • Lucky shamrocks . . . who doesn't need more luck?

Oxalis are easy care and easy to plant. To get them going, just poke the funny looking little bulbs 1" into the soil. Add a little water. You're done.

This is a Leafari staff tested and recommended variety.

Botanical Name: Oxalis deppei Iron Cross
Common Name: Oxalis Iron Cross, Iron Cross Shamrocks
Growing Zones: Grow in zones 3-10 outdoors or anywhere indoors; perennial in zones 6-10
Sun/Shade: Full sun to light shade
Flower Color: Deep pink flowers, green leaves with purple
Height: 10-12"
Plant/Bulb Size: 4/5+ cm
Bloom Timing: Flowers 8-10 weeks from planting
Pkg. Count: 15 bulbs