Oriental Lily Crystal Blanca Dozen

Oriental Lily Crystal Blanca Dozen

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The scoop on Oriental Lily Crystal Blanca Dozen

You know this majestic lily's sister, Casa Blanca. That beautiful white Oriental lily has graced thousands of weddings. This newer, updated version has all the original attributes - elegance, spicy fragrance, garden grace and excellence for cutting - plus one big bonus. The stems on Crystal Blanca are much stronger, which means you can forget about staking. And Crystal Blanca is equally easy to grow.

Why Grow Oriental Lilies?

  • These lilies deliver eye-catching blooms that reach 8-10" across
  • Oriental lily fragrance delights noses around the world; rich, spicy and intense
  • These lilies are unsurpassed as cut flowers
  • 12 big bulbs cover 12 square feet

Whether you garden for the sheer joy of creating a beautiful space or are supporting a need for fresh cut flowers, Oriental lilies are simply a necessity. This offering is for a full dozen premium size (16/18cm) bulbs.

Botanical Name: Lilium Crystal Blanca
Common Name: Crystal Blanca lily
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 5-9
Sun/Shade: Sun, 3/4 day sun
Flowers: Outstanding fragrance
Flower Color: Large, fragrant white flowers
Height: 3-4 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 16/18+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Late summer thru fall
Pkg. Count: 12 large bulbs