Orienpet Lily Silk Road

Orienpet Lily Silk Road

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The scoop on Orienpet Lily Silk Road

Silk Road has taken the lily world by storm and waltzed off with the North American Lily Society's Popularity Award three times. Now a member of the Society's Hall of Fame this beauty has earned a place in your garden, no?

Why Grow Orienpet Lilies?

  • These are blends of strong Oriental and Trumpet bloodlines, carrying the best of both lines forward
  • Many Orienpet lilies grow tall, actually quite stately. Silk Road often tops 6 feet. Stunning!
  • Like their Oriental lilies parents, Orienpets are fragrant, with a spicy scent that strengthens as the sun goes down
  • These lilies are outstanding cut flowers, a single stem is all you need.

Silk Road, also known as Northern Carillon, has won the N.A. Lily Society's popularity poll so many times, it's now excluded from the running. Don't feel sorry though. This lily has thousands of fans and is now grouped with the famous Casa Blanca.

Botanical Name: Lilium Silk Road, syn. Northern Carillon
Common Name: Silk Road lily or Frisco lily
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 5-8
Sun/Shade: Sun, partial sun
Flowers: Outstanding fragrance
Flower Color: White flowers with wine face markings
Height: 60-72" - Tall!
Plant/Bulb Size: 16/18+ cm in circumference
Bloom Timing: Mid summer
Pkg. Count: 3 very large bulbs