Organic Potato Magic Molly

Organic Potato Magic Molly

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The scoop on Organic Potato Magic Molly

Many colorful potatoes lose their great pigment when boiled - not Magic Molly. This variety has deep purple skins and flesh, a large fingerling form and a deep earthy flavor. Magic Molly matures late in the season and stores exceptionally well, lasting into early spring. This Alaska-bred potato is a Green Thumb Award winner, with anthocyanin-rich skin and flesh.

Why Choose Drop & Grow Potatoes?

  • For the rich, freshly harvested flavor!
  • Grow varieties that aren't available at the market
  • Save time and energy - skip the cut, dust with fungicide and wait for the cut surfaces to dry steps. Just Drop & Grow these right-size seed potatoes
  • Host a fall potato tasting party in your backyard with homegrown potatoes, herb butters, garlic drizzles and tangy sour cream
  • Magic Molly can also be harvested early and enjoyed as fingerlings

Potatoes can be grown in the garden, in tubs, half whiskey barrels, horticultural fabric bags and other large containers - use your imagination!

Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum
Common Name: Potato Magic Molly
Growing Zones: Grown as annuals, no overwintering
Sun/Shade: Best in full sun
Flower Color: Savored for tasty tubers, not flowers
Height: Grows 1-2 feet tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Ready to plant seed potatoes
Bloom Timing: Harvest in mid to late fall
Pkg. Count: 10 Drop & Grow seed potatoes