Olive Tree Arbequina

Olive Tree Arbequina

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The scoop on Olive Tree Arbequina

Admit it. You've always wanted your own olive tree. Your own little buttery taste of the Mediterranean. Here's your chance! These olive trees, very popular in California, are a find from a local grower; big, bushy and beautiful. Potted in 2 gallon containers, they are already 18-24" tall and ready to transplant into the yard or a larger pot for growing on.

Why Grow an Arbequina Olive Tree?

  • This variety has been grown since the 17th century in Spain. Cultivate your own little piece of history.
  • Trees are self-pollinating (only one is needed for fruiting) and produce delicious black olives mid fall. Press olives for your own healthy olive oil.
  • Winter hardy in zones 8–9 and to zone 7 in a sheltered location
  • Evergreen silvery green foliage. Tree matures to 10-12 feet.
  • Have a ready supply of olive branches for when your mouth gets away from you. Or gift to someone who may need the same.

Live in a cold region? Pot up your olive tree and bring indoors during the winter. Site by a sunny window. Then take it back outside when the weather warms.

Botanical Name: Olea europaea Arbequina
Common Name: Arbequina Olive Tree
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere in a big container. Winter hardy outdoors in zones 8-9, and 7 with protection
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Height: Matures to 10-12 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: 18-20" tall potted tree in 2 gallon pot
Bloom Timing: Non-showy blooms, fruits in fall
Pkg. Count: 1 tree