Living Succulent Centerpiece Wreath

Living Succulent Centerpiece Wreath

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The scoop on Living Succulent Centerpiece Wreath

Looking for a handmade gift for a discerning friend? A person who appreciates real rather than plastic. Subtle rather than shrill. The varied looks of individually crafted pieces. Each wreath starts with a hand twisted grapevine base and includes 12-15 succulent plants in green, black, rose, silver, red tipped and more. Puffs of natural moss are added for textural accents. Simply pretty.

Why Give a Living Succulent Centerpiece Wreath?

  • Beautiful natural centerpiece with soft textures and colors
  • Easy care; not fussy
  • Perfect for a room with indirect natural light; no full sun needed (or wanted)
  • Unusual
  • Much longer lasting that a cut flower centerpiece

Each living succulent centerpiece is delivered with easy care instructions.

Botanical Name: Varied succulents
Common Name: Mixed succulents
Growing Zones: Indoor plants
Sun/Shade: Indirect light to partial sun
Flower Color: Succulents are green, black, silver and red tipped
Height: 4-5" tall, 12" diameter
Plant/Bulb Size: 12" living wreath
Season: year round