Lily of the Valley Forcing Pips - Bighearted Bunch

Lily of the Valley Forcing Pips - Bighearted Bunch

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The scoop on Lily of the Valley Forcing Pips - Bighearted Bunch

If you plan to plant your lily of the valley pips indoors to force, these are the pips to choose. They are oversized, the top 10% of what our grower harvests. Theses pips are designed to be planted in pots and grown under bright lights; they'll flower in just a few weeks. The bighearted bunch is 24 flowering size pips, enough for four 5-6" pots so you can share with friends who need a visible and olfactory reminder that spring will arrive.

Why Grow Lily of the Valley?

  • Fragrance that perfumers have relied on for centuries.
  • Grows well in light to moderate shade
  • Not on the favorite foods list for deer and rabbits
Indoor forcing pips are the largest growers' produce; most will flower the first spring. Then transplant outdoors and enjoy them for years to come, spreading, flowering and perfuming your shade garden.
Botanical Name: Convallaria majalis
Common Name: Lily of the valley
Growing Zones: Zones 2-8
Sun/Shade: Partial shade to shade
Flower Color: White bells, fragrant
Height: 8"
Plant/Bulb Size: Forcing size pips (largest avail.)
Bloom Timing: Spring
Pkg. Count: 24 large pips