Lilac Miss Kim

Lilac Miss Kim

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The scoop on Lilac Miss Kim

Love lilacs but have no room for a 12 foot shrub? Allow us to introduce Miss Kim. This compact Korean lilac is ideal for a mixed border or for under a bedroom window (leave the window open in late spring to enjoy the scent.) Grown from just 12 seed collected from a craggy mountainside in Korea on Veteran's Day in 1947, this compact lilac has proven to be a great choice for American gardens.

Why Grow Miss Kim Lilacs?

  • Miss Kim flowers a bit later than other lilacs, extending the blooming season.
  • The bloom are delightfully fragrant
  • This lilac's foliage is rarely bothered by the powdery mildew that can appear on other lilacs
  • Miss Kim is winter hardy in cold regions and thrives in southern regions where classic lilacs may not be happy
  • Foliage colors to a lovely port wine shade in autumn, adding color to the fall landscape
Deep purple buds open to clusters of showy light lavender flowers, deliciously scented. Blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Moderate growth rate with a mature height of 4-6 feet, with a similar spread.
Botanical Name: Syringa pubescens subsp. patula Miss Kim
Common Name: Miss Kim Lilac, compact lilac
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Mostly sun (6 hours) to full sun
Flowers: Flowers late in the lilac season, extending the blooms
Flower Color: Light lavender
Height: 4-6 feet at maturity
Plant/Bulb Size: 1.5 quart nursery pot, one well-rooted starter lilac
Bloom Timing: Blooms in spring
Pkg. Count: 1 plant