Lilac Josee

Lilac Josee

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The scoop on Lilac Josee

New and exciting, Lilac Josee ticks all the boxes for today's homeowner: compact, reblooming, fragrant and lovely. Can you see it now, a reblooming hedge of lavender pink flowers, jut 4-5 feet tall, adding fragrance to your yard all season? This sensational dwarf lilac flowers most heavily in the spring and then blooms sporatically through the summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Makes a great windbreak or specimen plant. Lilacs are very long lived shrubs, often surviving more than 100 years.

Why Grow Josee Lilacs?

  • Josee is a dwarf lilac, perfect for smaller yards
  • The bloom are delightfully fragrant
  • This lilac is resistant to deer and is rarely nibbled
  • Josee is winter hardy to cold zone 3 regions

Josee flowers so heavily in the spring that the blooms often obscure the foliage almost entirely.

Botanical Name: Syringa Josee, Syrings Morjos 060f
Common Name: Lilac Josee
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Mostly sun (6 hours) to full sun
Flower Color: Lavender pink blooms, pink buds
Height: 4-5 feet at maturity
Plant/Bulb Size: 1.5 quart nursery pot, one well-rooted starter lilac
Bloom Timing: Blooms in spring
Pkg. Count: 1 plant