Leucojum Vernum / Spring Snowflakes

Leucojum Vernum / Spring Snowflakes

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The scoop on Leucojum Vernum / Spring Snowflakes

Spring snowflakes rarely show up in bulb offerings, not because they're hard to grow, but because they don't hold well for months in a cooler like many other bulbs do. These 1" bells resemble summer snowflakes/leucojum aestivum but with flowers that are appear earlier, are wider and are on shorter plants. Plant both types and extend the snowflake season.

Why Grow Snowflakes / Leucojum?

  • Leucojum are amazingly adaptable plants, growing well from chilly parts of Maine to toasty areas in Southern California
  • Also known as snowflakes, there are two varieties that extend the flowering season
  • Unlike most bulbs, snowflakes can thrive in soil that is moist, like that found along the edge of a pond or stream
  • Leucojum are not eaten by deer, rabbits or rodents
  • Snowflakes are excellent naturalizers

Leucojum vernum has been awarded the prestigious Award of Garden Merit by the British Royal Horticultural Society, a highly sought after honor.

Spring snowflake bulbs like to be in the ground, and not so much in a cooler. These bulbs have a shorter than average shipping window (see above under the pricing info) so if you want some this season, don't dawdle.

Botanical Name: Leucojum vernum
Common Name: Spring snowflakes
Growing Zones: Zones 4-9
Sun/Shade: Sun to partial shade
Flower Color: White bell flowers; bright dot decorations
Height: 8-10" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: Top size (largest commercially available)
Bloom Timing: Late winter/very early spring
Pkg. Count: 12 vigorous bulbs