Leucojum Gravetye Giant Garden Snowstorm (25 bulbs)

Leucojum Gravetye Giant Garden Snowstorm (25 bulbs)

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The scoop on Leucojum Gravetye Giant Garden Snowstorm (25 bulbs)

If a few garden snowflakes are good - and they are - then more are better. That's certainly the message here and from an ease of planting, wide growing range, carefree disposition and low cost standpoint, it's hard to argue with the approach.

Each stem produced 4 to 8 bell-shaped blooms, with jaunty scallops and green edge dots. An unusual and welcome addition to spring bouquets.

Why Grow Snowflakes / Leucojum?

  • Leucojum are amazingly adaptable plants, growing well from chilly parts of Maine to toasty areas in Southern California
  • Also known as snowflakes, there are two varieties that extend the flowering season
  • Unlike most bulbs, snowflakes can thrive in soil that is moist, like that found along the edge of a pond or stream
  • Snowflakes are vigorous and excellent naturalizers
  • Leucojum are generally not eaten by deer, rabbits or rodents

Gravetye Giant summer snowflakes are a step up from the parent plant, offering larger flowers and greater landscape vigor. Awarded the coveted Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society, Gravetye Giant is the easy choice.

Botanical Name: Leucojum aestivum Gravetye Giant
Common Name: Summer snowflakes, snowdrops (in South)
Growing Zones: Zones 4-9
Sun/Shade: Sun to partial shade
Flowers: Light chocolate fragrance
Flower Color: White bell flowers; bright dot decorations
Height: 15-20" tall
Plant/Bulb Size: 14/15 cm (circumference)
Bloom Timing: Mid to late spring
Pkg. Count: 25 vigorous bulbs