Leafari Guarantee

We guarantee to provide:

  • Healthy plants, ready to establish and grow.
  • All items clearly labeled; no mysteries.
  • Selection carefully packed for transit.
  • Growers grades as advertised: size, eyes, etc.
  • Plants are delivered to you at the correct time for planting in your geographic region.

To support your success, find complete planting info and hands-on tips whenever needed, from wherever you are: Leafari Planting Guide Library

Also, find lots of helpful gardening info here: Gardening Ideas, Tips & More. And here, on our blog: Leafari Blog

Please open boxes and review your items promptly.

Please report any issues within 7 days so we can address the situation right away. Plants, dormant or actively growing, are perishable and benefit from being unpacked upon receipt.

Errors and quality concerns

If there's an error with your order or the shipping company was rough with your box, please contact us within 7 days of receipt. We’ll ask you to share photos. Do not discard or plant before connecting with us.

Occasionally items do not grow true-to-name. In such instances, we'll ask for photos. To address true-to-name issues, you must contact us during the growing season for which the plant was purchased. In such cases, we will replace promptly with the correct variety if stock is available. Otherwise we will issue a store credit for the item. We do not provide cash refunds for plants that have been shipped, delivered and grown.

There are some things that fall outside our control. Leafari cannot assume responsibility for disappointing results caused by bad weather, delayed planting, improper storage, planting outside recommended growing zones, predation or cultural/care issues.

Questions or concerns? Please contact us - we're happy to help.