Our Guarantee

We guarantee to:

  • Provide healthy bulbs and plants, in the sizes promised (or larger)
  • Deliver to you at the right time for planting in your region
  • Label your items clearly so you know what's what
  • Sell products that have been grown commercially, not collected from the wild
  • Never substitute without your permission

Please open packages and review your items promptly. If there's an issue with anything we sent you, contact us within 7 days so we can address the situation right away.

Occasionally items do not grow true-to-name and this can't be seen until the plant flowers. To investigate what happened, we usually ask for a photo. Being able to identify the variety actually shipped often helps us track down where the mix-up occurred (in our facility or at the grower's) so we can work to tighten up processes.

Likewise, if you have a concern about quality, we'll probably ask you to share a photo or two so we can see what you are seeing.


If you change your mind or something forces you to rethink your planting plans (like a hurricane, for instance - hey, it's happened), give us a call and we'll help determine the best way to manage the return. Plants and bulbs are living things, and perishable: they need to ship back within 7 days; after that product viability may be questionable, depending on holding conditions.


If we made a mistake on your order or you believe we have failed to deliver the plants that were promised, please contact us. We'll work it out. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

The Special Nature of Plants

Plants are living things. Fascinating, beautiful and rewarding to grow. And they require a bit more attention than non-living purchases like that red sweater that can be tossed over a chair until you want it again.

To boost your gardening success, we provide:

  • Cultural information to support good choices for your part of the country and your own garden space
  • Rich photography to help you envision options
  • Tips on combinations and uses
  • Special considerations
  • "Leafari grown and recommended" notes for plants that have performed well in our own test gardens

And, there are some things we can't control. Leafari cannot accept responsibility for issues caused by neglect, extreme weather or planting in inappropriate growing zones. (Zone info is provided for each plant and explained here: Growing Zone Information.)