Lace Flower Vine | Alsobia

Lace Flower Vine | Alsobia

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The scoop on Lace Flower Vine | Alsobia

One of our favorite growers introduced us to this little gem, a relative of those more familiar African violets. Perhaps you can see the similarity in the slightly fuzzy, little-bit-pudgy leaves? But the flowers - a whole different story! These trumpet-shaped blooms terminate in petals edged in tiny fringed rays.

Why Grow a Lace Flower Vine?

  • Unusual, feather-edged lacy white flowers.
  • Easy care; happy in dappled light or indirect sunlight like that provided by a north facing window where few other flowering plants succeed.
  • Excellent for hanging baskets, or grow on a windowsill and watch the vining stems create a botanical blanket across the sill.
  • Lightly fuzzed leaves have reddish veins and cranberry tinted stems.

Originating in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, Alsobia is hard to find, but vigorous and easy to grow. Looking for something a bit different? You've found it!

Botanical Name: Alsobia dianthiflora
Common Name: Lace flower, lace flower vine
Growing Zones: Grow indoors
Sun/Shade: Indirect or diffused light
Flower Color: White
Height: 4" to 6" tall, cascading
Plant/Bulb Size: 6" hanging basket nursery pot
Bloom Timing: Spring and summer, lightly at other times
Pkg. Count: 1 plant