Jasmine Planting Guide

Those of you who live in parts of the country where jasmines grow well, do you know how your chilly-zone neighbors envy you? A scattering of white starry blooms and that fragrance, oh goodness.

Some have peonies. Others have jasmines. Perhaps we'll just call it even.

Choosing a Growing Site

Jasmine grows best in full sun. Depending upon the variety, the plant form can be bushy or vining. Choose a spot where the soil drains well. There should be no standing water an hour after a rainstorm. Select a sheltered site to protect your jasmine from wind and unexpected cold snaps. Vining jasmines need support; some can grow over 12 feet tall. Site by a trellis, arbor or similar structure.

Soil Prep

Rich to moderately fertile soil provide the best environement for jasmine. If your soil is lean, dig some compost in and mix well before planting.

When to Plant Jasmine

Plant jasmine outdoors in spring when frost danger has past and soil is warm. These perennial plants can manage limited cold when establish, but during their settling in period they need additional protection.

How to Plant

Dig a planting hole a bit larger than the potted rootball of your plant. Situate the plant so that the soil in the pot is level with the garden soil. Tease out the roots gently and fan out in the soil. Refill around plant with soil, tap down to eliminate any big air pockets and water well to settle the soil around the roots. Keep soil lightly moist for the first few weeks while plants are establishing.

During the Season

Provide enough water to keep the plant roots in moist, but not wet, soil. Jasmine vines benefit from being managed while they are young. Use padded to stretchy ties to guide the new growth.

Insider Tips

  1. Jasmine vines grow quickly. Feel free to pinch and prune lightly to shape.
  2. A handful of common small insects - scales and mealybugs - like jasmine leaves. Treat with horticultural oil spray.
  3. Arabic jasmine (j. sambac) is the type used to make fragrant jasmine tea. Pick flowers to make your own fresh tea.
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Success Snapshot

Light: Full sun

Soil: Average

Depth: Plant level with garden soil

Water: Average moisture

Uses: Shrub borders, along fences, over trellises

Tip: Flowers are wonderfully fragrant

GUIDE: Jasmine Planting Guide

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