Hydrangea Glowing Embers

Hydrangea Glowing Embers

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The scoop on Hydrangea Glowing Embers

If you're just familiar with white, pink and blue flowering hydrangeas, meet Glowing Embers, offering a refreshing new look. The blooms on this shrub open as lime green to white and progressively mature to a vibrant pinky red. With flowers at various development stages on the bush, the presentation is varied and textural. Like other hydrangeas, Glowing Embers is excellent for cutting.

Why Grow Hydrangeas?

  • Flower colors for this variety depend on soil pH. Rose pink to red flowers result from alkaline soil and blue to purple blooms are produced in acidic soil.
  • Large, showy flower heads for garden beauty and for cutting.
  • Flowers from June through early September
  • Excellent as foundation plantings, decorative hedges and in mixed borders. Can be grown in containers.
  • Sought after additions to the summer border and welcome for fall color as foliage for Glowing Embers deepen to maroon with cool weather
  • Hydrangeas are fast growing shrubs, growing 2-3 feet per year under favorable conditions.

Glowing Embers blooms on "old wood", the prior year's growth. If you choose to prune, do so right after first flowering finishes, in late June to early July. This allows the plant to set new buds for the following year's flowers.

Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla Glowing Embers
Common Name: Mophead hydrangea Glowing Embers, Bigleaf hydrangea Glowing Embers, French Hydrangea Glowing Embers
Growing Zones: Zones 6-9
Sun/Shade: Partial Sun/Partial Shade
Flowers: Prune after first flowering (by July)
Flower Color: Lime buds and pink to red blooms (in alkaline soil)
Height: Grows 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide
Plant/Bulb Size: 1.5 Qt. Nursery Pot
Season: Blooms summer through fall
Bloom Timing: Early summer through late summer
Pkg. Count: a 1 year old potted plant