Hydrangea Little Lime

Hydrangea Little Lime

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The scoop on Hydrangea Little Lime

Hydrangea Limelight has been so popular, hybridizers have been working on a smaller versions of this gem. Little Lime is ideal for smaller gardens, narrower walkway areas, edgings for pocket patios and anywhere this perfect hydrangea, in a smaller size, fits. Like it's parent, Little Lime sports strong stems, a full profile and nice large flowers heads (10-12") that open apple green, lighten to white and then maturing to a soft pink. We can think of dozens of uses for this little darling.

Why Grow Hardy Hydrangeas?

  • Outstanding landscape plants that thrive in most of the country; very winter hardy
  • Large, showy flower heads for garden beauty and for cutting
  • Flowers from early summer through mid to late fall
  • Happy in a wide range of sunlight situations (see variety specifics in grid on right)
  • Excellent addition to the summer border and welcome for fall color/interest
  • Hydrangeas are fast growing shrubs, growing 2 feet per year under favorable conditions.

Hydrangea Little Lime is a winner! Selected as a Landscape Plant of the Year in 2016, a 2015 Gold Metal Winner from the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society (Holland's premiere horticultural society) and American Nursery & Landscape Assoc. Best New Plant Award in 2011. That pretty well sums it up. Best flower production is seen in plants sited where they receive about a half day of direct sun.

Botanical Name: Hydrangea paniculata Little Lime
Common Name: Hydrangea Little Lime, hydrangea Little Limelight
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Sun/Partial Sun
Flowers: Prune late winter; blooms on new wood
Flower Color: Light green to pink
Height: 3-4.5 feet tall and same wide
Plant/Bulb Size: Starter shrub in 1 qt. nursery pot
Season: Summer through fall
Bloom Timing: Early summer through fall
Pkg. Count: one 1-2 year old potted plant