Hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea Annabelle

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The scoop on Hydrangea Annabelle

If you've seen voluptuous white hydrangea bushes as foundation plantings, accenting a beautiful home, odds are good it's Annabelle. This is one of the plants that helped launch the hydrangea craze and with good reason. Showy blooms appear in late spring or early summer and carry on right through the growing season and into fall. Happiest in part sun, this fast growing shrub matures to 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. Can handle heavy pruning in late winter to shape and is an excellent source of summer and fall cut flowers. Very easy care. Winner of the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Why Grow Hardy Hydrangeas?

  • Outstanding landscape plants that thrive in most of the country; very winter hardy
  • Large, showy flower heads for garden beauty and for cutting
  • Flowers from early/mid-summer through fall
  • Happy in a wide range of sunlight situations (see variety specifics in grid on right)
  • Excellent addition to the summer border and welcome for fall color/interest
  • Hydrangeas are fast growing shrubs, growing 2-3 feet per year under favorable conditions.

You've seen dried hydrangea blooms used in arrangements, in their natural state or spray painted gold, silver or white. This is a great variety for that! Harvest in early to mid-fall when flower heads are beginning to dry naturally and bring indoors. Best flower production is seen in plants sited where they receive at least a half day of direct sun.

Here's a bit more info on Annabelle: Tips on Growing Annabelle Hydrangeas

Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle
Common Name: Hydrangea Annabelle
Growing Zones: Zones: 4-8 South/9 West
Sun/Shade: Partial Sun/Partial Shade
Flowers: Prune late winter; blooms on new wood
Flower Color: Huge white blooms
Height: 48-60" tall & wide
Plant/Bulb Size: 1.5 Qt. Nursery Pot
Season: Blooms summer through fall
Bloom Timing: Early summer through fall
Pkg. Count: a 1 year old potted plant