Hosta Fragrant Dream

Hosta Fragrant Dream

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The scoop on Hosta Fragrant Dream

While most people don't consider hostas as a source for fragrant flowers, a select group delivers on this. Hosta Fragrant Dream, a sport of the favorite Fragrant Bouquet, is a recently developed variety that stakes a claim for being both a stellar shade beauty and for producing sweetly scented blooms for cutting. Oh, and this fast growing variety has thick leaves, that help it be slug resistant. And this season, we've negotiated a great price with our grower; get yours while the option exists.

Why Grow Hostas?

  • Hostas are quintessential shade plants, beautiful, long lived and easy care
  • All hostas produce flowers, in white or shades of purple; feel free to cut to add to bouquets
  • Lots of size, colors and leaf patterns
  • This variety is a dramatic choice for shady spots
  • Hostas are an excellent choice for urban gardens as they manage air pollution (car exhausts) very well.
Botanical Name: Hosta Fragrant Dream
Common Name: Hosta, plantain lily, funkia
Growing Zones: Zones 3-8
Sun/Shade: Shade to partial shade
Flowers: Tubular flowers attract hummingbirds
Flower Color: Fragrant white flowers
Height: 30-36" tall, 70" wide at maturity
Plant/Bulb Size: 3-5 eye large
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 large size (3-5 eye) bare root plants