Hops Tettnanger/Tettmanger

Hops Tettnanger/Tettmanger

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The scoop on Hops Tettnanger/Tettmanger

Brewing your own pilsners, bocks, sasions, Belgain ales and wheat beers? Tettnang (aka Tettnanger) is a classic German Noble hops and just what you need for that floral, slightly spicy character. Widely believed to have the best flavor of all the noble hops, Tettnang is the most widely grown variety in this group. 4.0-5.0% alpha acid levels. Plants grow 4-6 feet the first year, twice that tall the second year and can be trained to fan out over a fence, arbor or pergola going forward. Pretty, productive and tasty. Seeing Bohemian, German and American lagers in your future.

Why Grow Hops?

  • Fresh hops make the most aromatic and flavorful beers
  • These hops rhizomes are organically grown in central Colorado
  • The hops roots offered here have been harvested and trimmed by hand, by growers/brewmasters
  • These mature to gorgeous 20 foot vines.
Note: State hop quarantines prevent us from shipping these rhizomes to Oregon, Washington or Idaho.
Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus Tettnang syn. Tettnanger
Common Name: Hops, beer hops, flavoring hops, ornamental hops vines
Growing Zones: Zones 5-8
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flowers: Tiny white flowers; grown for hops cones not blooms
Flower Color: Flavorful hops berries
Height: Matures to 20 ft
Plant/Bulb Size: 8+" fresh rhizome
Bloom Timing: Late summer
Pkg. Count: 1 vigorous rhizome