Hops Chinook

Hops Chinook

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The scoop on Hops Chinook

Chinook hops infuse strong, citrus and pine-like flavors and aroma into your brew. These hops were developed by a USDA breeding program in the Northwest in the mid-1980s and are a popular bittering variety. Chinook hops are best suited to average climates and they thrive in hot, dry regions. Not ideal for moist/rainy areas of the country. Plants grow 4-6 feet the first year, twice that tall the second year and can be trained to fan out over a fence, arbor or pergola going forward. Pretty, productive and tasty. 11.0-13.0% alpha acid.

Why Grow Hops?

  • Fresh hops make the most aromatic and flavorful beers
  • These hops rhizomes are organically grown in central Colorado
  • The hops roots offered here have been harvested and trimmed by hand, by growers/brewmasters
  • These mature to gorgeous 20 foot vines; Chinook is our top recommendation for ornamental hops vines.
Note: State hop quarantines prevent us from shipping these rhizomes to Oregon, Washington or Idaho.
Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus Chinook
Common Name: Hops, beer hops, aroma hops, bittering hops, ornamental hops vines
Growing Zones: Winter hardy in zones 5-8
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flowers: Tiny white flowers; grown for hops cones not blooms
Flower Color: Flavorful hops berries
Height: Matures to 20 ft
Plant/Bulb Size: 8+" fresh rhizome
Bloom Timing: Late summer
Pkg. Count: 1 vigorous rhizome