Hidden Cone Ginger: White Wonder

Hidden Cone Ginger: White Wonder

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The scoop on Hidden Cone Ginger: White Wonder

Stop averting your eyes . . . hide the unsightly. Plant these tall, full exotics along that back fence line, where the neighbor's trash bin is oh-so-visible. The fast growing, wide pleated green leaves create a living screen. Cool, white, cone-shaped flowers grow from separate stalks and tuck in beside the giant leaves, add a bonus for those who slow down to see. These plants could be the thing that makes you a happy (even friendly) neighbor again.

Why Grow Exotic Gingers?

  • Fast growing screens for covering unattractive landscape elements
  • Wide, attractive leaves create a tropical feel
  • You like to experiment with a new plant or two each season, right?
Hidden cone gingers produce flowers that are tucked low on the plants, sometime hidden from view. Take the time to look past the lush foliage for these exotic gems.
Botanical Name: Curcuma zedoaria White Wonder
Common Name: White hidden cone ginger
Growing Zones: 8-10, anywhere in containers
Sun/Shade: Dappled to partial shade
Flower Color: Tropical leave, exotic white cones
Height: 4-5 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: Flowering size rhizomes
Bloom Timing: Summer
Pkg. Count: 3 nice rhizomes