Gloriosa Oriental Super

Gloriosa Oriental Super

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The scoop on Gloriosa Oriental Super

Have you explored gloriosa lilies in previous seasons? If so, then you've seen the red and yellow Rothschildiana variety, with exotic parachute-like blooms on lightweight vines. This cultivar is a mahogany and yellow blend, with a curly petalled form. This is such a new variety in the markeplace that we don't even have a highly reliable photo yet (the one above is the best available). We've added this to our summer test gardens for images, but for now Oriental Super will have to be part mystery. Note: poisonous plant, do not eat.

Why Grow Glory Lilies?

  • Gloriosa lilies offer some of the most exotic flowers home gardeners can grow
  • These light weight vines can grow through another open-form plant; twice the impact from the same square footage
  • Almost never seen in arrangements these will have the whole table talking
When people first see these flowers they typically stop and stare. . . amazed. Then they touch, to confirm that what they're seeing is real. Cool, quirky and botanically bizarre.
Botanical Name: Gloriosa Oriental Super
Common Name: flame lily, fire lily, glory lily
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere as an annual, perennial in zones 8-10
Sun/Shade: Sun, afternoon shade in hot regions
Flower Color: Exotic mahogany and yellow "flames"
Height: 3 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: 8-12+ cm bulbs
Bloom Timing: Late spring to summer
Pkg. Count: 3 healthy tubers