Gloriosa Lutea

Gloriosa Lutea

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The scoop on Gloriosa Lutea

Lutea is an all-yellow version of the classic red and yellow gloriosa lily. Primrose, with chartreuse accents, the six wavy petals sweep upwards, forming a circular flower that looks like nothing else in the garden. Site this vine where it can climb up a fence, a slender wooden mailbox post or through an open shrub. And make sure to choose a spot where you'll be able to observe up close. You won't want to miss a single one of these fabulous blooms! Note: poisonous plant, do not eat.

Why Grow Glory Lilies?

  • Gloriosa lilies offer some of the most exotic flowers home gardeners can grow
  • These light weight vines can grow through another open-form plant; twice the impact from the same square footage
  • Almost never seen in arrangements these will have the whole table talking
When people first see these flowers they typically stop and stare. . . amazed. Then they touch, to confirm that what they're seeing is real. Cool, quirky and botanically bizarre.
Botanical Name: Gloriosa superba Lutea
Common Name: flame lily, fire lily, glory lily, climbing lily, tiger claw vine
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere as an annual, perennial in zones 8-11
Sun/Shade: Sun, afternoon shade in hot regions
Flower Color: Exotic yellow "flames"
Height: 3 feet
Plant/Bulb Size: 10-12+ cm bulbs
Bloom Timing: Late spring through fall
Pkg. Count: 3 healthy bulbs