Gladiolus Sun Kissed

Gladiolus Sun Kissed

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The scoop on Gladiolus Sun Kissed

A dazzling shade of vivid orange, Sun Kissed can spotted from the other side of the yard with ease. Just think what it will do in arrangements with yellows and golds. Or get a little crazy and pair it with purples for color wheel crossings that really get noticed.

Why Grow Tall Gladiolus?

  • Strong, tall stalks with 9-14 flowers each from these jumbo size bulbs
  • For glads, bulb size really impacts performances. Our glads are 16+cm jumbos.
  • Plant glads in full sun for larger, brighter blooms.
If you're new to glads, here's our recommendation: choose two or three varieties. Plant every two weeks starting when your area is frost-free. Savor and extended harvest into fall and share with friends and neighbors. You'll hear "What?! You grew these?!"
Botanical Name: Gladiolus x hortulanus Sun Kissed
Common Name: Gladiolus, glads, sword lilies
Growing Zones: 8-10, elsewhere lift corms and store indoors for winter or treat as annuals
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: Vivid orange
Height: 50-60"
Plant/Bulb Size: Jumbo 16+cm corms
Bloom Timing: Blooms in 75-80 days
Pkg. Count: 10 jumbo corms