Gladiolus Priscilla

Gladiolus Priscilla

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The scoop on Gladiolus Priscilla

Priscilla blooms with eye-catching tri-colored flowers; a pure white ground accented with rose pink and a soft yellow throat. Petal edges are gently ruffled and simply pretty. Priscilla makes a great cut flower and is often selected by market growers for both looks and performance. A bit hardier than most, Priscilla overwinters in the ground in zone 7.

Why Grow Tall Gladiolus?

  • Strong, tall stalks with 9-14 flowers each from these jumbo size bulbs
  • For glads, bulb size really impacts performances; our glads are 16+cm jumbos
  • Plant glads in full sun for larger, brighter blooms.
If you're new to glads, here's our recommendation: choose two or three varieties. Plant every two weeks starting when your area is frost-free. Savor and extended harvest into fall and share with friends and neighbors. You'll hear "What?! You grew these?!"
Botanical Name: Gladiolus x hortulanus Priscilla
Common Name: Gladiolus, glads, sword lilies
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere, perennial in zones 7-10
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: White, pink and yellow
Height: 50-60"
Plant/Bulb Size: Jumbo 16+cm corms
Bloom Timing: Blooms in 80-85 days
Pkg. Count: 10 jumbo corms