Gladiolus Petite Gals Mix

Gladiolus Petite Gals Mix

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The scoop on Gladiolus Petite Gals Mix

For sites that can't quite manage the 4 to 5 foot heights of tall gladiolus here's a grower's mix of border glads. These plants have been bred to top out a foot shorter, making the easy to use in a wide variety of sites including containers. This mix includes the full rainbow of shades, bi- and tri-color patterns, rounded and triangular flower forms and with and without ruffles. Curious? 10 nice large corms for less than $9. How can you justify not exploring?

Why Grow Border Gladiolus?

  • Strong, tall stalks with 9-14 flowers each from these nice big bulbs
  • This border glad mix delivers a riot of color, with solids and patterned varieties
  • Plant glads in full sun for larger, brighter blooms.
If you're new to glads, here's our recommendation: choose two or three varieties. Plant every two weeks starting when your area is frost-free. Savor and extended harvest into fall and share with friends and neighbors. You'll hear "What?! You grew these?!"
Botanical Name: Gladiolus x hortulanus Petite Gals Mix
Common Name: Gladiolus, glads, sword lilies, border glads
Growing Zones: 8-10, elsewhere lift corms and store indoors for winter or treat as annuals
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: Mixed colors
Height: 30-45"
Plant/Bulb Size: Large 12/14cm corms
Bloom Timing: Blooms in 70-85 days
Pkg. Count: 10 large corms