Gladiolus Fiesta

Gladiolus Fiesta

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The scoop on Gladiolus Fiesta

This gladiolus was introduced by Dr. Robert Griesbach, a biology professor and a flower breeder extraordinaire who gardened for half a lifetime on a five acre farm in Wisconsin. The good doctor is famous in daylily, lily and gladiolus circles for his extensive contributions. He's grown thousands of seedlings, so when he saves one, it's meaningful. Fiesta is an electric orange and sunny yellow blend, a strong, productive glad that's one of the best mood lifters you can grow. Can you see these grouped with Kelvin Floodlight dinnerplate dahlias and Golden Lucifer cannas? Glorious!

Why Grow Tall Gladiolus?

  • Strong, tall stalks with 9-14 flowers each from these jumbo size bulbs
  • Our glad bulbs are huge; a customer once commented "I thought you'd shipped me potatoes!"
  • Plant glads in full sun for larger, brighter blooms
If you're new to glads, here's our recommendation: choose two or three varieties. Plant every two weeks starting when your area is frost-free. Savor and extended harvest into fall and share with friends and neighbors. You'll hear "What?! You grew these?!"
Botanical Name: Gladiolus x hortulanus Fiesta
Common Name: Gladiolus, glads, sword lilies
Growing Zones: Grow anywhere, perennial in zones 8-10.
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Flower Color: Orange and yellow
Height: 50-60"
Plant/Bulb Size: Jumbo 16+cm corms
Bloom Timing: Blooms in 70-75 days
Pkg. Count: 10 jumbo corms