Garlic Early Red Italian (softneck)

Garlic Early Red Italian (softneck)

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The scoop on Garlic Early Red Italian (softneck)

Deliciously smooth, with medium pungency, Early Red Italian is a softneck garlic that can be harvested 1 to 2 weeks ahead of other varieties, at just about the time when the prior year's supply is about depleted. This cultivar also holds very well, lasting seven to eight months in a cool, dry, well ventilated spot. Bulbs contain 11-18 plump, round, creamy cloves. Early Red Italian garlic tolerates hot spring weather better than many other varieties.

Why Grow Garlic?

  • The best reason to grow fresh garlic - flavor!
  • Growing garlic allows you to choose the intensity and subtle qualities you prefer; rich and deep, sweet and buttery, or bold and biting
  • In addition to the bulbs, the garlic flower shoots, or scapes, that develop on hardneck types provide early season flavor for delicious stir-fries, scrambled eggs, salad dressings and pestos
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents ignore garlic and other members of the onion family; you get to savor what you planted

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Note: Agriculture department quarantines forbid the sale of garlic bulbs to Idaho, Washington State and Malheur County, OR. Sorry.

Botanical Name: Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon Early Red Italian
Common Name: Softneck Early Red Italian
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flowers: Fall planted bulbs typically mature in June
Flower Color: Grown for edible bulbs, not flowers
Height: 30-40"
Plant/Bulb Size: 2.25-2.5"+ diameter bulbs
Bloom Timing: Late spring to early summer, snip flowers to channel energy to bulb formation
Pkg. Count: 3 lg. bulbs; 1/2 lb.