Organic Garlic Early Italian Purple  (softneck)

Organic Garlic Early Italian Purple (softneck)

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The scoop on Organic Garlic Early Italian Purple (softneck)

Mild, all purpose garlic that produces nice big heads. Stores well and braids beautifully. Produces early, 6-10 days before others, and manages heat well. Averages 8 to 12 cloves per bulb.

Why Grow Garlic?

  • The best reason to grow fresh garlic - flavor!
  • Growing garlic allows you to choose the intensity and subtleties you prefer; rich and deep or bold and biting
  • In addition to the bulbs, garlic shoots (scapes) on hardneck types can also be eaten and are delicious in stir-fries, scrambled eggs, salad dressings and pestos
  • Deer, rabbits and rodents ignore garlic and other members of the onion family

This softneck garlic is shipped in 1/2 lb bags, which is enough to plant a 10 foot row.

Unclear about the difference between hardneck and softneck garlic? Check out Garlic: Hardneck vs Softneck

Botanical Name: Allium sativum var. sativum Early Italian Purple
Common Name: Softneck garlic Early Italian Purple
Growing Zones: Zones 7-9
Sun/Shade: Sun
Flowers: Fall planted bulbs mature June-July
Flower Color: Grown for edible bulbs, not flowers
Height: 18-24"
Plant/Bulb Size: Sold by weight, bulb size varies
Bloom Timing: Late spring to early summer, snip flowers to channel energy to bulb formation
Pkg. Count: 1/2 lb bag